MBC Scholarship Recipient – Cory Jandreau

Cory Jandreau was awarded the Maine Blue Collar Scholarship in 2018 to use for his career path in Auto Collision Repair. Although Cory always had an interest in cars, it was when he attended Caribou Technology Center during his junior and senior years where he was taught full collision repair on vehicles that he had the opportunity to really increase his skills and knowledge.  He credits his instructor, Ken Westin, who saw Cory’s potential and encouraged him. Cory had real life experience at the CTE school, as he purchased and rebuilt two of his own cars, an ‘07 BMW 5 Series his junior year and an ‘85 BMW 3 Series his senior year that he still owns.

Knowing he was headed to college, encouraged by his instructor and Tracy Corbin, Student Services Coordinator at Caribou Tech, Cory applied for the MBCS to assist in the costs of purchasing tools and furthering his education at Norther Maine Community College in auto collision. While at NMCC he participated in an internship at Moody’s Collision Centers during his winter break.  After completing his education, he was hired by Moody’s as a paint technician.

Cory offered some advice to future tradespeople.  He stated, “There is still that stigma around the trades that it is dirty work and smart people do not go into the trades. That is furthest from the truth, you will meet a lot of very smart people in the trades.”  He offered, “It is an enticing option, there is always a need for trades people so you have real job security and the compensation & benefits are competitive with many other jobs.”

Best of Luck to Cory as he continues his career in Auto Collision!

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