Supporting CTE Instructors

Meet Michael Parent, Electrical CTE Instructor at Capitol Area Technology Center.  Mike was awarded the MBC Instructor Scholarship affording him the opportunity to spend a week learning the latest products, processes and best practices in the electrical technology field.  The experience is significant in the effort to ensure our instructors are providing relevant instruction and curriculum to students that is creating value to both the students and Maine employers.

After spending a week working at Lanco Mike stated. “I now have a much better understanding of how to guide students in preparing themselves professionally in order to have a shot at one day working for such an organization.  I will integrate my experience at Lanco into my class in order to get 17–18-year-olds excited about electrical technology and various areas of employment in the electrical field.”

Mike shared, the real benefit of working in the electrical field is the variety of jobs. Everything runs on electricity. I went from house wiring, to industrial, to troubleshooting, to automation/robotics to power plant superintendent. There are so many electrical careers out there and more every day.”

Mike has taught for the past seven years and has found an increased interest in those pursuing the electrical field.  In the past, his classes had room for more students, he now has a waitlist of 20!  While the stigma of going into the trades continues to be persistent, Mike said it best, They relish the fact that they can do what their parents or peers cannot, and they can make a living doing it.”

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