Your Generosity Has Set Me Up For A Very Bright Future

TJ is a 2019 scholarship recipient, he is working towards completing his Associates Degree in Electrical Construction and Maintenance at Northern Maine Community College in Presque Isle.  He has been working part-time while in school at Regional Electric in Auburn and has been offered a full-time job upon graduation.  TJ said the Maine Blue Collar Scholarship has helped him to focus on excelling in school and to graduate with minimal student loans.  He is pursuing a career that he is very passionate about and looks forward to a bright future.  We are proud to have supported TJ in his endeavors and we look forward to seeing him continue to advance his skillset as a motivated young Mainer!


Teens Need To Know

Teens Need to Know They Can Make Money in Trade Careers

High-paying jobs are available for students who choose trade school or vocational or technical education instead of bachelor’s degree programs. Check out the link above to read the full article!

2019 Recipient


Connor is currently attending Kennebec Valley Community College in the Electrical Lineworker Technology Program.  When he graduates he will be recruited by several companies in Maine, where the median wage is $34.10 per hour.  Connor has a bright future ahead of him and the Maine Blue Collar Scholarship Foundation is proud to have been able to assist him in reaching his greatest potential. 

Works For ME

News Center Maine has launched a new effort with the support of General Dynamics, Cianbro and Moody’s Collision Centers.  Look for commercials highlighting these industries and the trades along with relevant news stories.  If you would like to get your company involved as an associate sponsor please reach out to News Center Maine or you can email us at [email protected]

Debt-Free Degree

Check out this book by Anthony ONeal (you can buy it on Amazon) learn how you pursue the career you were intended without the unintended consequences of debt.

Dave Ramsey: What No One Told You About Student Loans

Borrowed Future : Click to hear more from Dave Ramsey about the predatory loan market and how you can achieve a degree without the burden of debt.

Creating a Pathway to Young Talent: Your Company’s ROI

“Matt is on deck, a week early, prior to school starting shown here working with his hands, starting out his career here at D&G Machine. He has already scored an A+ for attitude and is very thankful for the support he received from the Maine Blue Collar Scholarship Foundation.”  – Steve Sullivan, Vice President, D&G Machine

2019 Recipient Thank You

This is what it’s all about, investing in the next generation to take our state to the next level!

Women In The Trades

” The gender pay gap is also lower: Women in the construction industry earn 95.7 percent of what men do, compared to the overall national wage gap of about 80 percent. So, at a time when women have become well-established in traditionally male professions ranging from medicine to finance to law, why aren’t we seeing more women plumbers, roofers and masons?”  Click on the link to read more!