Masonry in the 21st Century

2019 recipients Tori and Kaitlin showing off their work boots at a recent Maine Blue Collar fundraising event with the Maine Mariners!

An update below from Kaitlin on her career path:

Maine School of Masonry is doing wonders for me, so far this school year I have learned more about brick work and the conservations of older historic buildings. Soon I will be learning about stone masonry as well as hardscapes. Not only am I learning about masonry, but I am also learning how to become an independent mason as well as future business owner.

After I graduate Maine School of Masonry, I will travel around the country as well as the world to restore historic buildings. It is my dream to become a stone restoration mason, and to keep our history alive.

About the school

Maine School of Masonry has two different 9 month courses. One of the courses, you learn about brick, block, and stone. The second course you learn about restoration masonry. Mitch, the instructor, not only goes over the material in the shop, but in the real world as well. We have taken field trips to beautiful old buildings to study its architecture, one of these being Fort Knox.

It is really up to the student which class they can take, personally I’m wanting to take both classes. Both classes will provide the student with the skills they need to become a mason, as well as a future business owner.


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