Ignore the stigma of “Blue Collar” work.

Ignore the stigma of ‘blue collar’ work. Skilled trades still provide path to success.

Check out this article that Bangor Daily News recently published.  There are many opportunities in Maine to make a career in a highly skilled field.

Excerpt from article written by Kevin J. Willis : I am the fleet manager for PepsiCo Inc., responsible for its facility in Bangor along with those in Auburn and Presque Isle. What our company needs is more trained, skilled automotive and diesel technicians. We’re talking high-tech careers with middle-class earnings, good benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Unfortunately, outdated stereotypes and stigmas persist against these jobs and others in the skilled trades. Too often, school counselors subtly discourage students from considering these careers. Too many parents believe that when it comes to success it’s “college or bust.”

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